MILK & BLOOD - performance at MAC, Birmingham

Franko B will perform MILK & BLOOD at MAC Birmingham on Thursday 10th October 2016


Pioneering performance artist Franko B returns to Birmingham with an uncompromising performance that responds to personal traumas, societal ills, corrupt politics and barbaric conflict. Milk will bleed, but blood is still the story.


Franko B will be giving a 'master class' [lecture] about his work on 26th August 2016, as part of the Contemporary Festival di Musica e Arte d'Avanguardia in Cagliari, Sardinia

6.30 pm, Ex Montegranatico | Via Vittorio Emanuele 80 | Donori (CA)’avanguardia---IV-Edizione


A series of new designs have been added to Franko B's T-shirt store.

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A reminder of Franko B's events at Palazzo Lucarini Contemporary - Centre for Contemporary Art, Trevi, Italy this Autumn:


24th September - 27th November 2016
A major solo exhibition of new work by Franko B, curated by Maurizio Coccia.

24th September - 27th November 2016
A group exhibition curated by Franko B.
Exhibiting artists: Andrea Abbatangelo, James Bullimore, Marco Cingolani, Sebastiano Dammone Sessa, Giuseppe Lana, Andrea Marcaccio, Marco Paganini, Thomas Qualmann, Annalisa Riva

A journey through the Personal, Political and Poetic
29th August - 3rd September 2016
An intensive workshop for sixteen young artists working closely with Franko B.
Applications now closed.


An installation made from the props from Franko B's performance, Because of Love (2012-2014) and one of his black paintings are now on permanent display at The Foundry, Rue de la Fonderie, Maubourguet, Midi-Pyrenees, France.

Photographs by Petr Davydtchenko


DIPINGERE IL PRESENTE - Group exhibition of 16 Italian and 16 Chinese artists, curated by Alessandro Demma

6th - 26th August 2016

Peninsula Art Museum, Weihai, China

Taking its cue from the long, shared visual history of Italy and China, the exhibition aims to analyse the problems and demands of contemporary life and the tools that may be used to de-codify it from the inside of the pictorial space, interpreted as a place both physical and mental – one of the most important and complex themes of today’s art. 

Italian Artists in the exhibition: Andrea Aquilanti; Franko B; Fabrizio cotognini; Alberto Di Fabio; Massimiliano Galliani; Daniele Galliano; Paul Gonzato; Corinna Gosmaro; Silvia Hell; Paolo Leonardo; Mariangela Levita; Pierpaolo List; Marco Blacks; Pierluigi Pusole; Alessandro Sarra; Giancarlo Scagnolari.

 Chinese Artists: Cang Xin; Chen Haoyang; Chen Wenling; Han Yansong; He Wenjue; Huang Ying; Of them; Lei Li; Liu Jianfeng; Meng Luding; Tao Na & Cong Xiao; Wang Yun; Zhang Xinyu; Zhang Yanzi; Zhang Zhaohui; Zhou Yangming.

FRANKO B - interview

Franko B interviewed by Sean Ketteringham for Corridor 8 after his performance, MILK & BLOOD at the Bluecoat, Liverpool, July 2016.

[…] the language is part of my body. My performance, or my image-making, is connected with language or texts; it’s a kind of a mix of things that are going on, sometimes more consciously, sometimes less consciously, but I think they are part of the work. I think they’re part of who you are. [… Continue reading >]

FRANKO B - interview

Franko B: ‘An artist’s job is not to suffer, but to ask questions on what it’s like to be alive’ 

Interview by Jessica Greenall for, ahead of Franko B's performance, MILK & BLOOD at The Bluecoat (July 2016).

MILK & BLOOD - review

Review of MILK & BLOOD by C. James Fagan

The Bluecoat, Liverpool, 28th July 2016

[…] Once we are all seated, we wait, in tense silence. It’s a small space, dim but light enough to see the other members of the audience. We wait, as does the punching bag. Are we expecting violence to break the silence? [… Continue reading >]

For more information about the performance, visit

MILK & BLOOD - photos

Franko B's performance, MILK & BLOOD at Rich Mix, London, 10th July 2016

Photos by Hugo Glendinning:

Photos by Sarah Hickson:

For more information about the performance, visit

MILK & BLOOD - review

Review of MILK & BLOOD (at Rich Mix, London, 10th July 2016) by Mary Paterson.

'The room is dark. So dark, you can’t see the edges. The floor bleeds into the walls, the walls bleed into the ceiling, the faces bleed into the black. A single row of chairs is arranged in a square, facing inwards. In the centre of the room is the only source of light – a spot-lit punch bag, glistening gold, swaying softly, suspended from the ceiling.' [… Continue reading >]

MILK & BLOOD will next be performed at The Bluecoat, Liverpool on 28th July 2016, and the performance will be preceded by an artist talk by Franko B on 27th July.

For more information about the performance, see

MILK & BLOOD - review

It's No Use Crying Over Spilt Milk

Review by Nisha Ramayya for Exuent Magazine, July 2016

[…] In Milk and Blood, loss and suffering are consequences of social, political, and historical inequalities and injustices. The performance conveys the artist’s immersion within the world and his attempt to expose its structures. Positioned as spectators, the audience is invited to realise our own complicity as milk splashes our feet.  [… continue reading >]

MILK & BLOOD will next be performed at The Bluecoat, Liverpool on 28th July 2016, and the performance will be preceded by an artist talk by Franko B on 27th July.

For more information about the performance, see


Lois Keidan in conversation with Franko B ahead of his performance, MILK & BLOOD (at Rich Mix, London, 10th July 2016, The Bluecoat, Liverpool 28th July 2016, and touring the UK later in 2016-17).

More information about the performance:

Broadcast on Resonance FM, 6th July 2016


Photographs from Franko B: STITCHED HEART - exhibition curated by Francesca Alfano Miglietti at NonostanteMarras, Milan, 15th June - 30th November 2016